Boating Accident

Personal Injury Boating Accident

There are many different boats used for diverse purposes, such as powerboats, sailboats, paddle boats (man-powered vessels), personal watercrafts, etc. Boating is typically thought of as a leisure activity, as well as for sporting or fishing activities. The majority of boating mishaps are dangerous & careless. These terrible mishaps are typically brought on by boat collisions with one another, rocks, or reefs.

The following are the occurrences’ causes:-

  • The boat operator acted carelessly and negligently.
  • The Operator’s lack of experience.
  • Excessive boat speed
  • Navigational rule violation.
  • Failure of the lookout equipment, improper maintenance of the equipment, etc.
  • Environmental problems

The operator being drunk by alcohol is the main cause of these events.

A total of 277 accidents involving drunk drivers resulted in 248 injuries and 108 fatalities in the US in 2014. Such carelessness results in catastrophic harm.

633 people lost their lives in boating accidents in 2018 and 2,511 others were injured.

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