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Personal Injury Truck Accidents

Although commercial truck collisions are less frequent than collisions involving cars, the consequences can be serious and can include a wide range of injuries and impairments, fatalities, and thousands of dollars in property damage. An event of this scale might leave you traumatised for a very long time, which can lead to a variety of other annoying issues. Having a knowledgeable truck accident attorney by your side during such a trying time may be both beneficial and comforting.


In contrast to car accidents, truck accidents can take many different forms and are highly diverse. Here are a few examples of typical truck accident types:

Jackknife: When a tractor-trailer abruptly stops, the trailer may swing out and collide with other cars.

Load drop: Unsecured cargo on trucks may come loose and spill into the road or onto other cars, causing a load drop.

Rollover: When truck drivers lose control of their vehicles, the trucks may toss to one side or roll back and forth.

Blind spots – Large blind spots on trucks prevent drivers from seeing the road and other cars.

There may be some confusion regarding who is at fault and responsible for the damage that results from a truck accident. The truck owner or the trucking business that leased the truck may be held liable in some situations, while in others, the driver may be held accountable. Other times, the person loading the vehicle or the truck’s manufacturer may be held accountable.


  • Medical expenses
  • The price of surgery and other medical care
  • Recovery costs and processes
  • Costs of nursing home care
  • Income lost because of the event
  • Prospective loss of earning potential
  • Distress and suffering
  • Emotional and mental anguish
  • Deformity and long-lasting scarring
  • The inability to enjoy life
    The attorneys in the network are dedicated to maximising your recovery if you have been hurt in an accident involving a commercial truck, or if you are the driver of an 18-wheel semi tractor-trailer, a garbage truck, a postal or parcel delivery truck, or any large vehicle.
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